Micro Electronics

With over 40 years of successful operations the semiconductor and hybrid microelectronics design and manufacturing industry, OSI Electronics delivers manufacturing solutions for a wide range of applications with a focus on medical, industrial, military, and aerospace markets.

These solutions utilize the latest in semiconductor and microelectronics processing equipment from wafer level to high accuracy packaging coupled with advanced SMT capabilities to deliver our customers the total solution they need.

Automated Production and Test

  • Wafer level testing and sawing
  • Automated die attach and wire bonding
  • Hermetically sealed packaging
  • Molded plastic components
  • High performance ceramic hybrids and Multi-chip Modules
  • Assembly of Optical Lens and Filters
  • Automated Chip-on-Board and Encapsulation processes

Value Engineering

  • Product cost reduction
  • Reliability engineering


  • Custom production lines
  • Flexible and Scaleable Operations
  • Optoelectronics expertise