Our Apprenticeship Scheme has Grown

Last November we ran a news item on our new apprenticeship scheme through the eyes of the three apprentices who had just started with us – Zak Horsler (engineering), Lance Chihuri (production) and Dylan Badhan (production).

Time to catch up on what they’ve been doing and introduce our fourth apprentice, Josh Lindenberg, who joined us a Quality Apprentice in August 2022.


The story so far

Zak – ‘I’ve just finished my first year HNC and passed all my subjects. This week I’m starting my second year HNC and in February 2023 I will be commencing my HND – and so far it’s looking okay.’

Lance – ‘I’ve just started college on Level Three apprenticeship; I’m currently testing amplifiers but I’ve also been moving around the company too.’

Dylan – ‘I started my Level Three at college two weeks ago. I’ve been in Test working with Lance on the amplifiers for a very high end audio company.’

Josh – ‘I’ve been working with Guy Wood, the Quality Manager, and around the company in different departments, getting to know all the different procedures. I’m doing an online course, which has been going great so far.’


Zak – ‘Making jigs, which I’ve been doing for the last month or so: checking why they are needed and the dimensions, putting those into our CAD software to draw the jig’s design, then exporting it to our CNC program for it to be made and cut out for use on the SMT line. I’ve also been working with different departments, helping them with what they need – that’s also been really interesting.’

Lance – ‘I’d say testing some of the high end products and to be trusted with the work, although it’s brilliant we’ve got some really good equipment to work with.’

Dylan – ‘It really is a wonderful company! The people who work here are brilliant – they are really good at teaching you; I’ve learnt a lot in the year I’ve been here – it’s been very good.’

Josh – ‘To find this is a great company – everyone seems lovely and hopefully I can make something of it as my long term ambition is to make a career out of being in Quality.’