New SMT Unit Offers Greater PCB Flexibility

Our newly reconfigured SMT hall (above) includes a new Europlacer iineo+ surface mount PCB assembly machine – giving us an all-Europlacer line up of five machines and bringing further efficiencies through our lean production processes.

And since the new SMT unit was installed, we’ve also invested in a 3D SPI unit and a new printer which can handle boards up to 610 x 515 mm – read about them in this news story.

These are all part of a six figure investment in the SMT hall, which includes four SMT lines, new lighting, floor and partitioning to bring significantly improved production flow-through and efficiencies. It’s well worth coming to have a look.

The new iineo+ unit is a multi-function SMT pick and place platform, chosen because it has the highest level of flexibility and feeder count in the industry.

It is widely configurable without the need to compromise on feeder count, placement speed or component capability.  With our other iineo units, the new SMT hall offers:

Single platform system.
Common libraries.
More flexibility.
Greater capabilities.
Enhanced NPI service.

“Operating on a single platform provides greater flexibility between our four SMT lines,” says Liam Dixon, Production Manager at OSI Electronics’ manufacturing facility in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

“We can also provide unique board serial number and circuit reference to component lot number tracking, real-time reporting and placement feedback – optional detail depending on the level of traceability you require, and adding to the benefits of placing your electronics manufacturing with us.

“Having common libraries, programs, maintenance schedules and development support from Europlacer means we can focus more closely on providing our customers with best-in-class capability and service and the flexibility to meet your evolving requirements during the PCB production process.”

High variant support

Europlacer machines feature linear motors and digital cameras and can handle a wide range of circuit configurations, with these exceptional capabilities:

Loading Europlacer’s latest ii-feed ‘intelligent element’ carts.

PCB sizes from 60 x 60 mm to 1610 x 460 mm.
Component sizes from 01005 to 99 x 99 mm.
Maximum component weight and height of 300g and 34 mm.
Maximum placement rate of 30,000 cph.

New carts, too

The adoption of Europlacer’s latest ii-feed ‘intelligent element’ carts enables preparatory kitting, to ensure accurate and efficient loading, further enhancing the flexibility of our changeover times.

“Combined with the large feeder base of the iineo machines, we now have an extremely large and highly flexible loading base, whether to support high variation, high placement count or family kitting variants,” added Liam.

NPI and full placement capabilities

“All our SMT lines have placement capabilities down to 01005, micro BGA, flip-chip and fully automated POP (package on package) placement, along with a full range of odd-form, large scale packages,” said Joe Clayton, OSIE UK’s Engineering Manager.

“RF components, on-board sensors and other specialist devices can be part of the mix.  We can also provide unique board serial number and circuit reference to component lot number tracking, real-time reporting and placement feedback – optional detail depending on the level of traceability you require.

“We continue to offer a dedicated fast track NPI line for new product introductions, where the development, verification and validation of the production process can be completed using identical equipment and process prior to full production release.”

Come and see for yourself

“There’s nothing like seeing these machines in action to appreciate their speed and accuracy,” said John Harley, Director Business Development UK & EMEA.

“You’ll be able to see how we are able to add specialist components to the board and how our integrated inspection and test processes, preceding further assembly such as box build, assures quality products throughout the entire manufacturing process.

“Although things may have be restricted due to Covid-19, please do contact me to arrange a visit – 01480 222 480 /”

Printed circuit board assembly.

Fast track prototyping / NPI.

Box build expertise.

New 3D SPI unit and ‘step above’ Europlacer screen printer.