Marco Di Mambro – new Engineering and Facilities Manager for OSI E UK

Marco Di Mambro (below) joined OSI Electronics UK in April as our Engineering and Facilities Manager.

Marco Di Mambro is the Engineering and Facilities Manager at OSI Electronics UK, the contract electronics manufacturing service based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

His initial task is to improve and enhance manufacturing processes and procedures for new orders, particularly where it is part of a customer’s new product introduction (NPI) programme.

“It’s an obvious ‘must’ to get customers’ new products to market quickly, efficiently and to the right spec and quality,” said Marco.

“Bringing together Union Four Electronics and Briton EMS to form OSI Electronics UK last year led senior management to review our manufacturing efficiencies and how design for manufacturing (DfM) and design for value (DfV) systems could be improved.

My first task has been to review our engineering and testing processes to ensure products will work in line with customer expectations and making them works for us in the factory.

“This covers initial prototype manufacture and the follow on engineering and testing changes as the project moves through initial to full production – allowing always for the flexibility a customer needs to make changes during a product’s life cycle or long term issues with component availability.

“It’s not a one way process though: verifying components with customers and obtaining clear to build (CtB) from my purchasing colleagues is part the team work involved in getting a customer’s idea through the entire prototype to manufacturing process and into the hands of end users wherever they are in the world – after all, customers want us to be successful.”

Scottish born Marco has a huge amount of industry experience, having fulfilled a variety of engineering, operation and test roles globally with EMS and related companies over his 25 year career.

He leads a team of 12 multi-disciplined engineers at our St Neots HQ, collaborates with group engineering teams throughout OSI’s global operation and is overseeing the fitting out of our new building.

Marco reports to Derek Williams, the Head of Operations at OSI Electronics UK.

OSI Electronics UK is a subsidiary of Californian based OSI Electronics.

Posted 16 May 2018