Installed – Our New 3D SPI Unit and ‘Step Above’ Europlacer Screen Printer

Our new Europlacer screen printer and ALeader 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) unit (above) are now in place in our SMT hall – and already adding value to our customers’ products.

“The ALeader 3D SPI was the first to be installed in the UK; and the Europlacer SP710-AVi printer is a step above most screen printers as it integrates automatic dispensing of solder paste and/or SMD adhesive,” says Joe Clayton, OSI Electronic UK’s Engineering Manager.

“This adds flexibility to the printing process and the assembly of more traditionally difficult to assemble circuits.

“It also allows us to handle boards up to 610 x 515 mm.

Have they made a difference?

“Yes – in two fundamental ways.

“First, the market for large boards is growing and we’re already winning new business from existing and new customers because we have this kit.

“The thing about large boards is not just their physical size, but the number and complexity of the components attached to them.

Why did you need an SPI unit?

“This is the second point – when you’ve a PCB with multiple layers and thousands of delicate components, being able to check all the solder joints are 100% okay can’t be done by eye.

“The ALeader SPI unit is a sophisticated piece of equipment. It incorporates a high speed camera for simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection, giving a highly accurate measurement of the paste deposits’ height, area and volume immediately after the screen printer has applied them.

“Soldering accuracy is of great value to our customers as it is key to a reliable final product.

“The quality of the soldering is one aspect of board manufacture – we also check, inspect and test boards all the way through the PCB assembly process.

“Every board passes through our industry standard auto inspection unit and, if appropriate, is x-rayed too – all to ensure every board is 100% defect-free before other assembly work.”

The SPI unit and our new Europlacer printer fit inline alongside one of our five Europlacer iineo+ pick and place machines.