Tony Heywood (below) joined us in July as Production Manager at our St Neots HQ.

Tony Heywood – OSIE UK’s new Production ManagerHe came directly from Eaton’s UK electrical division after almost six years in key production roles and a 25 year career within manufacturing working for multi-national, globally renowned businesses.

“During my career I’ve refined and honed my continuous improvement skill set, managing and deploying many improvement projects across different sectors utilising tools such as 5S, lean manufacturing, standardised work and TPM,” Tony said.

“Any value stream has two primary focuses: reducing lead times and increasing cost productivity – and by reducing non-conformance and minimising waste, processing times reduce and cost productivity is increased.”

Data driven
“By getting everything we do right first time, we are able to improve adherence to our schedules, making our material movement more reliable, more predictable and more repeatable,” he said.

“In bringing this experience to OSI Electronics UK (OSIE UK), my primary focuses will be to make our decision making much more data-driven through analysing our non-conformances, initiating and delivering on improvement plans to achieve a near-100% first time pass rate in our in-house processes and ensuring our production schedules are more predictable and achievable.

“This will greatly contribute to reducing our lead times and guarantee we continue to deliver quality products.”

New culture
To achieve this, Tony’s first step will be to develop a framework of daily analysis of results and leading performance indicators so it becomes routine for everyone – operators and managers alike – to review performance.

This will enable his production team to make judgement calls based on trend analysis and further engage our operators in understanding how they are performing and adding customer value.

The initial ‘laboratory’ for these changes will be our new building where fitting out is almost complete, so best practice can be established and replicated in our older St Neots facility.

Heavy investment
“OSI Electronics, our US based parent, is investing heavily in the UK,” continued Tony. “Being part of a global organisation has a lot of benefits – strategic sourcing being one of them. There are also many well-informed management systems and methods that OSI will have practiced from which we can leverage.”

“By implementing more standardisation over the coming weeks, we’re going to be better at predicting our planning of production times – and by improving the quality of our processes; we’re not double-handling products or extending the processing time.

“And while this is not completely new within the historic context of Union Four Electronics and Briton EMS, the companies which joined to make OSIE UK two years ago, we have untapped capability to exploit.

“We are going to refine and standardise procedures and enhance the rigor and structure around our leading indicators of quality, on-time delivery performance and cost productivity to reduce our lead times, improve our cost productivity and efficiencies.

“This will allow us to be more competitive with our pricing to attract new business and increase satisfaction to our existing customers.”

“It’s an exciting challenge.”

Tony Heywood leads a team of 88 at our St Neots HQ. He reports to Derek Williams, the General Manager at OSI Electronics UK.

OSI Electronics UK is a subsidiary of Californian based OSI Electronics.

Posted 13 August 2018; updated 19 September 2018