Charred equipment in the Renesas semiconductor factory after a fire on 19th March 2021. Photo: Renesas Electronics Corp. A serious fire at the semiconductor manufacturing factory of Renesas Electronics Corporation in Naka, north east Japan, on 19th March has added to problems of component supply for the electronics industry. The

A complex printed circuit board made by OSI Electronics UK at its St Neots, Cambridgeshire, factory. The global printed circuit board situation continues to be difficult, with recent events – copper shortages, hikes in shipping costs and factory fires at two resin plants as well as Covid-19 – impacting prices

[caption id="attachment_3823" align="alignleft" width="300"] A high level assemblycircuit board made byOSI Electronics UK.[/caption] Since posting the notes below, our Singapore/Asia teams have reported the shortage of components is… '…gathering momentum with the likes of NXP, Microchip, On Semi, Infineon, Maxim & Power Integrations pushing out lead-times and increasing pricing.' Reports