Worldwide component procurement – to your advantage

OSI Electronics UK is part of the OSI group – which has a $120m+ budget for purchasing components: electronic, electrical and mechanical; we work within the group as team players to buy with the power of the big purchaser.

Add to this the members of our UK purchasing team having over 40 years’ experience in the electronics industry – so it’s not surprising they’re always able to find the right components for each project: it is part of the added value of using OSI Electronics.

In addition to buying a considerable amount of electronic components, we also buy a lot of metal and plastic enclosures, displays, CNC machined parts and other fabricated items.

This gives us significant purchasing power through our network of national and international suppliers – which enables us to find new sources quickly in the event of a supply chain failure.

Materials management

Our systems include:

  • Component and sub-assembly procurement – we work closely with our customers on cost reduction programmes.
  • Computerised stock control and purchasing.
  • Scheduling of components.
  • Buffer stocks of components held on site and at our suppliers – this gives us the ability to respond to increased demand beyond the projected forecast.
  • Sub-assemblies stored as work in progress ready for fast response to configuration and call off.
  • Component traceability as required.
  • Issue status control.

Change management

We are really good at responding to engineering change:

  • Rapid and confident response to component change, product updates or component shortage.
  • Managed under ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 control procedures.
  • Solutions for component obsolescence management.

Delivery and order logistics

Getting the right components in the required quantities to the production line on time, in good condition and at the best price requires knowledge, skill and first class organisation – which OSI Electronics customers know they can rely on… every time.

  • Product configuration for customised needs.
  • Call-off scheduling.
  • KANBAN – just in time for scheduled deliveries.

Cash flow and obsolescence management

We help your cash flow by buying components on your behalf – passing on savings to you.

And when notified of a component going obsolete, we’ll check its usage and advise any potential replacement – we can either purchase and hold existing stocks, or help you take appropriate action to modify your product.

Give us a ring

Do you want to know more or talk to someone about your project? Just give us a call on 01480 222 480 and ask for our Commercial Manager – or e-mail us at

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