Fast track prototype service – ideal for NPI programmes

Our fast prototype service has become a key element in customers’ new product introduction (NPI) programmes.

Producing a fully functioning, quality-production prototype means you can carry out trials to test your new product’s functionality with your customers sure in the knowledge the quality of manufacture is good enough.

And being built to full manufacturing standards representative of a production item also means it will have passed through our design for manufacture (DfM) process and the associated testing procedures – when you’re ready to start full production, any production issues ahead of final sign-off will have been resolved, improving product realisation timescales and lowering overall costs once in production.

The benefits to you of our fast prototype service

You don’t have to waste your time sorting PCB manufacturers and component suppliers to secure materials – we will do it for you.

  • Your engineers are free to focus on other aspects of the project – e.g. software or interface hardware.
  • Where prototype enclosures are also being produced, we can procure them – or design them for you with one of our design partners.
  • Our prototypes are produced in a production environment to IPC 610 Class 3 – the highest standard

How many prototypes?

It’s quite usual for several prototypes to be made – a rudimentary ‘proof of concept’ prototype during the early stages of development to prove the idea works technically and to trial proposed materials or production methods for the final product.

Once a prototype has undergone sufficient testing and validation, a pre-production unit, the ‘golden sample’, becomes the benchmark on which mass produced units will be based. It’s also used for certification and testing for CE, UL, FCC or RoHS markings.


Once we have all the components and your engineering data, we’ve a line in our St Neots factory dedicated to prototype production, including full quality inspection to the same standards as for series production.

You will receive a fully working and finished prototype which is representative of a production item to full manufacturing standards, usually within three weeks.

A really well made prototype is a great asset. It will be representative of a production item and enable you to test it in real world conditions with your customers and iron out any problems before production begins.

Do talk to our Commercial Manager in St Neots about your project and how we can help to bring your ideas to life: +44 (0) 1480 222 480 or

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