Box build expertise

From your drawings, we can manufacture complete complex (and not-so-complex) electronic products in volumes to suit your requirements.

We will take your electronics project right through the manufacturing process, including PCB assembly, and deliver finished boxed products anywhere in the world ready to sell or install without the need for further testing.  Here’s a good example.

We’ve been doing this for 40 years in the UK through our former companies Briton EMS (founded in 1979) and Union Four Electronics – a life times’ experience.

Dedicated production areas

Across our two sites in St Neots, we have four PCB assembly lines, cable assemblies, box build, testing and stores for the thousands of components we build into products.

We do a significant amount of electro-mechanical work ranging from fitting a single PCB assembly (PCBA) into a simple housing, up to full box builds with multiple PCBAs, displays, batteries, cables and metal work.

And if you want a fully enclosed area for your product, we have a special air conditioned assembly and test room too.

Moisture sensitive devices are stored in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and baked and vacuum sealed or stored in one of our dry stores to maintain shelf life.

Component purchase

You want a reliable product at a sensible price – whether a tiny chip on a PCB or the hinge for an outer case – and we need components which fit the manufacturing program.

In buying components on your behalf – electronic, mechanical and fabricated – we’re helping your cash flow; as we also bulk buy, the savings are passed on to you through a more competitively priced sub-assembly.  Full traceability is one of many options we offer.

We’re also happy to use your free issued parts and manage them through our system to reduce your stock holding, material commitment and your time in managing materials.

See our global procurement page for more information.

LEDs, displays and much else

As a member of the OSI Electronics family, we have special access to other member companies whose products can be incorporated into your project to maximise its value, help to reduce overall costs and ensure continuity of supply and quality.

Their products include opto parts, laser LEDs, displays, plastics, metalwork, key pads, cables and many other commodities, all manufactured to international standards.

Quality work, trained technicians

While PCB assembly is highly automated, as is much of the test work we do, assembling intricate electronics requires skilled and well trained technicians who can follow instructions and drawings to ensure every product is assembled correctly.

We have accreditations for quality management (ISO 9001: 2015), medical devices (ISO 13485: 2016) and environmental management (ISO 14001: 2015); all are certified until well into the second half 2021.

We are also an approved sub-contractor under the ATEX Directive and a certified sub-contractor for UL Approved Products.

And overseas, our facilities in Indonesia, Malaysia and the USA have AS 9100 certification for aerospace, defence and military work and ISO/TS 16949 for automotive applications.

Do you have a project you’d like to discuss with us?

We have a total manufacturing facility, giving you a resource to develop, make and deliver complete products to anywhere in the world.

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