Flex Circuits

Altaflex fabricates flex and rigid flex designs with mass-production quality at prototype quick-turn speeds. Working closely with customers and applying leading edge design practices and processes, concepts are realized as fabricated production-ready designs. This allows customers to rapidly define and validate solutions to accelerate their development cycles and time to market.

Santa Clara, CA, USA

  • Quick-turn 3-5 prototyping & manufacturing solutions
  • DFM with emphasis on transferability to Asian mass-production capabilities & materials
  • HDI capabilities- Sub-25 micron trace and space


PFC Flex Is backed by an accumulation of 100 years of experience providing industry leading technology and techniques. Our expert designing, manufacturing, and assembling services of flexible printed circuits and ridge flex are all under one roof.

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

  • Design assistance and evaluation
  • Fine line capabilities- 30 micron line and space
  • HDI- laser capabilities – 50 micron vias
  • Assembly-in house- with placement of 1005 components
  • Material evaluation