Iain Taylor (below) has joined OSI Electronics UK as its new Purchasing Manager.

Iain Taylor – Purchasing Manager OSI Electronics UK

Iain Taylor –
Purchasing Manager, OSI Electronics UK

“These are challenging times for component buyers in the UK,” said Iain.

“Current demand for a range of components is presenting us with challenges never seen before on this scale with manufacturers unable to keep pace with demand in the market.

“Fortunately, being part of the OSI Electronics international family, we have access into a range of markets to help overcome some of these issues.

“Indeed, our global procurement programme is one of the advantages of using OSIE UK as your contract electronics manufacturing service.

“Even so, the core requirements remain: sensible price, full traceability, quality assured, guaranteed supply and short lead times.”

Iain has 40 years’ purchasing experience in the electronics industry and is a member of the The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS).  He has experience in all sectors of the supply chain.

“Recruiting Iain, a true industry expert, sharpens our approach to component purchase with a focus on good stockholding, supplier relationships and value for our customers,” said Derek Williams, OSIE UK’s General Manager.

“Like all good EMS providers, we are flexible when customers want or need to change components because of market opportunities or obsolescence.

This often means being fleet of foot – Iain’s experience and contacts in the supply chain is exactly right for us to meet those demands.”



Iain Taylor is managing a team of six buyers and reports to the company’s General Manager, Derek Williams.

OSI Electronics UK is a subsidiary of Californian based OSI Electronics

Posted 24th March 2018; updated 17th November 2020.